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Most owner-ops don’t have the resources for an IT department—and with Dr Dispatch, you don’t need one. Our owner-operator trucking software is user-friendly and easy to learn, requiring little-to-no training time. If an issue arises, our excellent customer support team is always ready to help. On average, we respond to tickets in just 36 minutes.

“You guys rock!!! Thanks for all the support. We will probably continue to bug you for the next while as we integrate Dr D into the Quickbooks and also begin using the product for our trucking side. Your support is amazing and so is the product.”

-Alan Bird, Halberslebe Trucking

Dr Dispatch owner-operator trucking software features auto-generated load sheets that can be sent in minutes, plus a Load Board that allows you to see the status of every load with filtering. A maintenance module allows easy visibility of repairs and equipment costs, while our load template system makes entering loads on recurring lanes faster. Read on for more of the top features.

Save Time, Make Money: Enter Loads in Under a Minute

Common data in Dr Dispatch is saved, allowing you to enter loads in under a minute.

Auto-Generated Load Sheets

Load sheets are auto-generated and sent within minutes.

Gain Total Visibility of Your Loads

Our Load Board allows you to see the status of every load with filtering.

Stay on Top of Repairs and Equipment Costs

Our Maintenance Module keeps track of repairs and cost of equipment.

Complete Load Entry on Recurring Lines Quicker

Our load template system makes entering loads on recurring lanes much more efficient.

Easily Export Revenue Reports to Excel

Our system-generated revenue reports can be easily exported to Excel.

Rely on Our Top-Notch Customer Service

We take care of any issue that arises immediately—most are resolved in as little as four hours.

Additional features of Dr Dispatch software for Owner-Ops include:

  • Integration with major Fuel cards and fuel entry
  • Ability to generate reports for IFTA reporting
  • Invoices are auto-generated and integrated with QuickBooks
  • Integration with Trimble Maps, Keep Trucking, Saferwatch+CertData, RMIS, 123LoadBoard, Direct Freight Loadboard, Pilot Fuel tax, FourKites©, MyCarrierPackets, Trucker Tools, Macropoint, Peoplenet, Drivertech, Omnitracs, uship LTL, and QuickBooks

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