Dr Dispatch Software Assurance Plan

Unlimited upgrades and live tech support for only $699 per year!

DSAP is now part of the normal Dr Dispatch subscription for both self hosted (Version 8.x) and Cloud users. DSAP will end of life in 2022 and those on legacy accounts will need a valid self hosted or cloud/rdp subscription plan.

Dr Dispatch Software Assurance Plan or.. DSAP– as we like to call it, is a new way of looking at the annual support contract. We want to give you more than just live support and actually define for you what it means to have an annual maintenance plan. Our Software Assurance Plan includes unlimited upgrades and live tech support for only $699 per year. (That is $2.79 per day or 30 cents per hour.) I promise you won’t find tech support anywhere that costs less than this!

Here is everything that you get with the annual support:

  • A lower total cost of ownership. Annual support helps you take the guesswork out of budgeting by bundling everything you need to maintain your Dr Dispatch system into a simple annual payment.
  • Rapid-response technical support. Your Dr Dispatch technical support technician will promptly troubleshoot and resolve any issues that arise before they impact operations or affect staff productivity.
  • Online support resources. Your staff receives access to the Dr Dispatch Support Site, where they’ll find the detailed technical information that helps them optimize system performance and maximize up-time, as well as integrate your dispatch system with your organization’s other line-of-business applications.
  • The latest hot-fixes, updates, and patches. These critical items ensure that your Dr Dispatch system continues to operate at peak efficiency.
  • New releases. You’ll make sure your system stays current, as new releases of your licensed products are included at no additional charge.
  • An easy path to growth. We’re committed to continuously improving and expanding the Dr Dispatch product suite. And as we do, you can credit 100% of the purchase price of your current Dr Dispatch software toward any new product line purchases.
  • Exclusive Pricing. We offer specials for products including special offers from our Integration partners like Pro Miles, PC Miler, and Quick Books. (Visit our partner’s page for a full list of Integration Partners.)

Please note that Dr Dispatch Software Assurance plan is not a training program. While we do our best to share with users “How to use Dr Dispatch Software Features”, we reserve the right to limit Question and Answer sessions. Please visit our youtube playlist for all Dr Dispatch Guides and Tutorials.

Dedicated to Continued Improvement

One thing that we feel is very underutilized by all of our customers. Dr Dispatch was created in the 1990s. The software you are using today contains over 18 years of user-added input and suggestions. We find it extremely important to our users and our users are very important to us. We want to hear from you! Please visit our suggestion area and share your ideas and vote with other DRD users. Visit user voice today!